It is easy to import and edit the Gerber data created with other software.
You can edit and set the panels, mirror the image, look for the aperture data, and measure them. Edited CAM data can export to PCB Designer “ WinPCB ” and you can restore.
Both 274D and 274X can be read.

  • winGerber
  • winGerber
  • winGerber
  • winGerber


・Both RS274D and RS274XGerber data can be read
・The Ideal spec is CPU 300Mhz/ 96MB of RA M/ 50MB of available hard-disk space
・The unit for the design are mil, mm, and inch

I/O function

Gerber data Both RS274D and RS274X data can be imported
Aperture data Aperture data can be imported
Drill data Excellon format can be
WinPCB Gerber data can be transferred to PCB designer, “ WinPCB ”

Tool function

Aperture Creates aperture table easily
Tool table Creates tool table easily
Measuring tool It is easy to measure anywhere
Object measuring The distance of one object to the other can be measured.
Panels By setting the value, It will automatically insert the panels
Highlight The target D code can be found and selected, and the specified D code will be highlighted.
Multi-layered Visibility of read Garber data can easily set on/ off

Display function

Zoon in/ out Easily zoon in and out with scroll button.
Fit on screen Show all on screen
Display the center The center of the design data is mainly displayed.
D code The object that uses a common D code is highlighted
Negative /Positive Easy to switch the display between Negative and Positive data
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