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Into a 3D world - This is a great manufacturing solution because it sends PCB data to 3D speedy.
The Printed Circuit Board and the case design are integrated seamlessly. 3D CAD and PCB cooperate easily by displaying the PCB data in 3D and then export the data as IGES, IDF, and STEP.
The mock-up and the assembled chart of end-products can be easily made by combining each data. The exact response for the lead-time of severe products can be predicted.

  • win3DView
  • win3DView
  • win3DView
  • win3DView


・Board design and case design can be checked with Win3DView seamlessly
・By DXF/I-GES, the interface support, it is easy to link to the 3D CAD system
・PCB design data, made with WinPCB, can be read in Win3DView directly
・Windows95 、 98 、 2000 、 NT4.0-DOS/V is required
・Required spec is 500Mhz of CPU / 128mb of RAM / 50MB of available hard-disk space

I/O function

Normal library 3Dlibrary is prepared
Creating parts plane/cube/arc/cylinder/sphere can be made
Drill data The parts can be copied and pasted
Input the X,Y Coordinates Set the value in X and Y and make a part
Coordinate arrangement The part will be placed by setting the location

Tool functions

Setting the layer 3DView can display multi-layered board
Clipboard the clipboard can be attached to Office products
Search Parts and routing path can be found easily


Solid / wire Display in both solid and wire frame
Zoon in / out It is easy to zoon in and out
Rotate It is easy design data to rotate 360 degree


STEP It can export STEP file
DXF It can export DXF file
IGES It can export IGES file
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