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Our mission is to lead you to new inovations using our latest technology to solve your problems.
We are aware of the important issues which surround your daily corporate activities so we probe new approaches while seeking the appropriate solutions for you.
Our service is based on the latest technological information that we collect from our source network. We have produced products such as CSiEDA, CAD Software, which is used all around the world. We constantly offer and produce the highest quality products and provide a knowledgeable and thorough support service.


COMPANY NAMECSi Global Alliance, inc.
HEAD OFFICEYodogawa 6 Bankan 4F, 3-1-22 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka 531-0072, Japan
TOKYO OFFICE#205 THE MOCK-UP, Kojimachi Crystal City West Building, 4-8-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan
PRESIDENTMasahiro Kato
BUSINESS LINES1.Electronic/Electric Equipments & Computer Softwares
Development, Manufacturing, Sales, Maintenace, Technical Services, Import and Export, Consulting Services regarding our products and services.
2. Semiconductor, Electronic Components and Electronic Equipement
Designing, Production, Sales, Import and Export
3. CAD・CAM System & Computer Network System
Designing and Development
Planning, Production, Management Services
5. Internet System
Planning, Development, Production, Sales
6. Computer Peripheral Equipment, Office Machines, Construction Machinery, Vehicles Leas and Sales
7. Graphic Design, Character Design, Computer Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Contents Planning, Production, Copyright Managemnt, Sales
8. PCB
Designing, Sales
PRIME PRODUCT Integrated Electronic CAD System "CSiEDA"
PMS/DMS/BMS System "CSiEDA NET Express"
EMC Scanning Solution "API SmartScan"
POLAR: Si9000e Lossy Line Design Simulator
POLAR: Si8000m Lossless Impedance Design Simulator
POLAR: Stackup Design Tools for Rigid & Flex PCB Stack Design
POLAR: ATLAS - PCB Insertion Loss measurement system
POLAR: CITS880s - Controlled Impedance Test System
PWB: IST - Interconnect Stress Test System
Various Database Systems.
Procurement & Sales of SemiConductors and Electronic Components EMS Services for IC and System products.
Website Construction, Planning, Development, Production, Operation Consulting.
Various CAD/CAM Softwares.
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