High density, delay of high clock spread, impedance, reflection, and crosstalk analysis are available here.
This program will find the problems of EMC/EMI before manufacturing the board, so that you can save the money, make high quality board and work faster.
Data from Hyperlynx and BoaedSIM also can be used in this program.

  • winSignal
  • winSignal
  • winSignal
  • winSignal


・All the supplied IBIS models from any device company can be used
・The problems of EMC/EMI and design with high-frequency can be inspected
・It is possible to use data from Hyperlynx and BoardSIM
・Ideal Spec is 300Mhz of CPU/ 96MB of RAM/ 50MB of available hard-disk space


Transmission analysis Overshooting/ undershooting/ ringing transmission can be analyzed
Crosstalk analysis Crosstalk analysis can be executed on the selected Net
Terminator The influence of the terminal can be verified by checking the wave of the specific node
Digital analysis It is possible to arrange it radially
EMC/EMI Electromagnetic radiation noise analysis
Branch analysis Branch analysis is available


IBISmodel IBIS model that most of the makers supply can be used
Hyperlynx Data of Hyperlynx and BoradSIM can be analyzed
Download service The newest IBIS model can be downloaded
Wave Display the result of reflection and crosstalk with the wave
Probe function The prove is able to analyzed up till 14 channels
Colour The colour of the wave can change
Clipboard The result of analysis can be attached to other application
Clamping diode It analyzes considering clamping diode
Screen capture Capture the screen as bitmap/Windows meta file
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