The great feature of WinSchematic is that the pins and parts can be edited and deleted after you place the parts on the Schematic Designer. All the designing process can be worked on only Schematic Designer. For example, a new part can be created on Schematic Designer, but not using the Symbol nor Part Library Designer. There is a great function that sends the circuit data, created in WinSchematic, to PCB designer, WinPCB with one click. The parts data with location value and net colour are sent with this function. In general, engineers consider about the noise and crock signal and design the schematics. This function helps to place the parts with those ideas and to check if the net data is sent properly. Many language, Japanese, Korean, English, Chinese and French, can be used for the interface and the files. Online Help has not only the descriptions about the program, but also the video tutorials and it is easy to learn.

  • WinSchematic
  • WinSchematic
  • WinSchematic
  • WinSchematic


・OrCAD(V10 EDIF) Converter ※ ・PROTEL(DXP ASCII) Converter ※
・Wizard of creating outlines ・"Undo, Redo(MAX=20)"
・Auto back up ・Zoom In / Out/ free / Fit on Screen
・Importing images(.bmp/.jpg) ・Import/Export DXF
・Export net list ・Export XML net list
・Export BOM parts list(.xls/.html/.xml) ・Export parts list(.txt)
・Back annotation ・Macro-function with JAVA , VB scripts
・Supporting SQL database ・Preview printing image/ offset function
・Display 3D directly  


・Search ・Filtering-select with its value
・Break /cut the shape at crossing points ・Make a shape with polygons
・Select the same parts ・Change the size (Scale)
・Alternate function ・pin/ gate swap
・Add pins ・Set the shape of the PCB parts
・Rotate/ mirror many pins at once ・Support for 0 length Pin
・Define PCB parts (flow / reflow) ・Set fonts
・Entering with command line
・Pin designer (shape/name/number/size/placement)
・Editing the pin directly by using pin list editor


・Display module port and port address ・Library manager
・Add and delete the pins ・Delete corners while wiring
・Edit circles and arcs directly ・Pins are movable in the parts
・Free to change the width of wires ・Use grid to wire
・Move signal wire in 90 degrees ・Auto wire connection
・Use snap to wire ・Duplication of bus wiring
・Placing dispersed connector ・Module port
・Check the circuit design ・Initialize /reloading the reference
・Import images・OLE(attaching Excel data)
・Break /cut the shape at crossing points
・Expanding the angle of signal wire(45° ・ 90° ・ free)
・The parts created in circuit designer can be saved
・The parts can be created in circuit designer
・The parts can be edited in circuit designer
・Pin shape, number, name can be replaced


・Send the parts to PCB designer ・Send the net colour to PCB designer
・Place PCB parts in real time ・Search parts
・Display with highlights  


・Colour setting ・Setting the original point
・Display of pin points ・Defining the net class
・Update the reference when it repeats  


・Online Help(Japanese) ・Video tutorial

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