High performance for the analog and digital design has become real.
It is now possible to create complicated, minimized, high compressed and high multilayered Printed Circuit Board just like the engineers intended by using these functions, Trimming, Bisect, Poured Copper, and Track Shield. This program is corresponds to manufacturing Build-Up boards as well.

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・Customizing menu ・Customizing icon
・Zoom in, out/ free/ Fit on screen ・Zoom in, out with scroll button
・Support for SQL database ・Ver4.0 parts/ schematic converter
・OLE ・Design with Mil or MM
・Managing original point ・Undo,Redo(MAX=20)
・Import/ export DXF file ・Design in division
・Filtering-select with its value- ・Import/ export DXF file
・It can have up till 1024 layers ・Layers can be locked
・Display the pair layers ・Customizable display
・Displaying 3DView ・CAD I/F (data ・ schematic ・ net list)
・Tracing function ・Display filled/ outlined design
・The original point is movable  
・Preview the printed image /offset function
・Macro-function with JAVA and VB scripts
・Backup function (Number of files and time can be set )
・Use of menu and display/non-display can be set
・Inspector-function ?Change the property of items (database) here-
・Press “ Enter ” to move and place the part
・Press “ ESC ” to cancel the operation and selecting mode
・Japanese, Korean, and English can be input for the files and folders

Creating PCB parts

・Mount the new pad to pad stack ・Set via forbidden area
・Creating the pads with JAVA scripts ・Part design wizard
・Offset copy/ move ・Set routing forbidden area
・Set copper forbidden area ・Set component height
・copy/ paste ・Specify pad ' s rotation angle
・Input Japanese text ・Trimming
・Break the shape at crossing points ・Setting reference and value
・Change pivot point of the text ・Setting the pitch of text
・Specify schematic ' s rotation angle
・Expanding the function of pad stack (up till 1024 layers)
・Up date the pad number automatically and manually
・Input inner thermal(45/90degree)/clearance/ land
・Placing the reference in both top and bottom sides

PCB design

・Move items with arrow keys ・Move or delete the pads on the parts
・Add the pads on the parts ・Add pads
・Add the test points ・Silk cut
・Setting the class on parts ・Setting Part mounting form
・Offset placing ・Matrix placing
・Radial ・Parts can be fixed
・List of fixed parts ・Edit the silk
・1 st pin or center of the parts as pivot point and move the parts
・Alternate parts on Top and Bottom layers
・Changing the value(individually/ many at once)
・Switching the parts(individually/ many at once)


・Enhanced routing system ・Check loop of route wires
・Move route ・Offset route
・Convert lines to track ・Convert the track to lines
・Taper routing ・Parallel routing
・Setting the pitch of tracks ・Highlights the selected track
・Route with angle ・Copying wire
・Offset routing ・Trapezoid wire
・Automatically puts 45 or 90 thermals ・Direct copper
・Tear drop routing ・Auto route
・Pre auto route ・IVH via
・Build-up board ・Pad on Via
・3D design with preview ・Add net
・Net swap ・Classify the net with colour
・Divide the same net ・Edit net name
・Deleting Net(individual/all) ・Net visibility ON/OFF
・Net name visibility ON/OFF ・Pad number visibility ON/OFF
・Setting the starting degree of Route corner
・Setting the maximum length of the wire

Board outline

・Offset line ・Boards corner
・Customized snap line ・Offset copy/move
・Converting the DXF data to outline of the board
・Entering command line (absolute ・ relative)


・Offset copper (inner / outer) ・Combine copper
・Extract copper ・Cut out specified copper
・Trimming copper ・Editing copper
・Normal copper ・Copper cut out
・Poured copper ・Delete
・PowerPlane ・Divide inner
・Convert the line and shape to copper (DXF/ Gerber in)


・Trimming ・Divide inner
・Set the angle for the shape ・Customize the snap line in any layer
・Trimming multi lines at once ・Sort
・Justify all ・Snap objects
・Advanced drawing function (circles,arc)
・Select the customized snap line and delete


・Net check ・DRC inner check
・Parts forbidden area ・Via forbidden area
・Route forbidden area ・Copper forbidden area
・Maximum height of the parts ・Online DRC check
・Memory of DRC design ・Measuring the min distance
・Batch measuring the min distance ・Check the routing angle


・Export both 274D and 274X Gerber data ・Export the drill data
・NC location/ tool table ・Export as Excellon data
・NC drill mark ・Export the location of parts
・Importing the Gerber data ・Flip over the board
・Exporting the Gerber data (individually ・ batch)
・Panel function (Any kinds of boards can be inserted)
・Rotating the board 45, 90, 180 degree


・Change the size of PCB design ・Preview in 3D
・Report of the wire length ・Database report of the wire
・Via list ・Information of the placed parts
・Pad stack report ・Temperature distribution chart
・Specific gravity distribution chart ・Parts ' height chart
・Part location chart ・Wiring density distribution chart
・Export net list ・Creates the construction diagram
・ Display the pattern with outline to check
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